Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hiking the Rice Fields

What an incredibly beautiful area this is! We spent the whole morning hiking through the rice fields around our village. Most of the fields have been plowed already, and the rice will be transplanted once the seedling rice paddies have grown another couple weeks.

There's a lot moving around in there...

Stopping for a rest

Enjoying the view from another rest spot

 Zach lost his shoe right in the crack where he's pointing. He stuck his hand into the water, fished around, and pulled his shoe up again. I thought it was a goner.

Coming back on the main road. Umbrella to block the sun. The picture doesn't quite do justice to the heat!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

These are the Days

One day, I'm going miss all these kids. I'll miss waking up first thing on the weekend to hear kids calling through the gate to come play.  I'll miss 30 kids running through our gate and the constant noise of laughing and playing everywhere. Kids here have been great friends to our kids, lifted my spirits on many low days, and broke me of my need for my time and days to go the way I choose. And they're always the first to come out and welcome us to a village. We are blessed, blessed, blessed.

Job of the Month

Of all the random jobs that come around in my life, the one that seems to come around the fastest is the haircut. I do the boys' haircuts for various reasons, but it's growing on me, and these days, it's actually a whole lot of fun. Thank goodness I have the easiest customers there could possibly be and, personal opinion here, also the three handsomest ever. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

10 years! Happy and Blessed.

Party in the Village

 3 shots from a party the kids and I attended with our friend. It was truly so much fun, such friendly people, and the kids were happy as clams. Too bad we didn't get many photos. Here's at our friend's house before we walked to the party.

The kids were so into the food.  Especially Elijah... not sure how many plates he ate.

Random Shots from School

 finding places on the map


making maps

circles of latitude


Zach designs his own coats of arms

Elijah's reading through his Bible for the first time

working on Lao... but maybe need to work on that English :)

phonics, oh yeah!

More Lao

More and more and more Lao